Our Streaming Technology for OTT Platforms

All the main issues experienced today in OTT: lack of capacity, traffic peaks, reliability, quality, expenses, sustainability, can be overcome thanks to QUANTEEC tech.



Discover how QUANTEEC adresses the pressing issues experienced by OTT platforms in today's streaming world: escalating consumption, server shortages, frustrating crashes, high expenses, and energy consumption.

Beyond traditional streaming

From CDN limitations to QUANTEEC solution: a beyond-P2P decentralized model efficiently complementing the CDN approach.

Simple add-on into the video player

QUANTEEC turns viewers into intelligent re-streamers so as to:

Reduce expenses

QUANTEEC makes sure clients benefit from substantial cost reductions compared to a CDN-only solution (25% off minimum).
QUANTEEC empowers businesses to allocate resources efficiently, to maximize their revenues and to increase their margins.

Leverage performance

By transforming connected devices into intelligent re-streamers, QUANTEEC distributes content efficiently and substantially reduces reliance on CDN servers (70% offload minimum on live streams), increasing reliability, quality and performance.
QUANTEEC is capable to handle high traffic surges by more than 50 times.

Save energy

Energy conservation is at the heart of QUANTEEC concept. Minimizing reliance on large, energy-intensive CDN infra, OTT platform providers will drastically drop their energy footprint (by more than 50%).
QUANTEEC provides quantitative energy-related data in real time for all providers, but also individually for each single viewer.

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