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Our Streaming Technology for eCDN Providers

All the main issues experienced today for corporate videos: bandwidth overload, bottlenecks, ease of installation, reliability, quality, expenses, sustainability, can be overcome thanks to QUANTEEC tech.



Discover how QUANTEEC can empower eCDN providers to enhance their streaming capablities and solve their pressing issues.

Beyond Bandwidth Bottlenecks

QUANTEEC ultimate eCDN tech: from bandwidth issues to network capacity relief.

Simple add-on into the video player

QUANTEEC turns viewers into intelligent re-streamers so as to:

Handle high traffic surges

QUANTEEC helps eCDN providers in absorbing high traffic demand, even in unexpected cases, by optimizing viewers connections, network pathways and routing decisions.QUANTEEC tech increases its performance when the number of concurrent viewers increases, handling this way high traffic surges (by more than 50 times).

Avoid bottlenecks

QUANTEEC helps eCDN providers in guaranteeing a reliable video delivery with uninterrupted streaming experience for viewers.QUANTEEC connects corporate viewers together in order to establish a stable connection and to maximize video data transfers within the enterprise (>90%). This way, no need for large outside pipes and bottleneck issues are avoided.

Save energy

QUANTEEC helps eCDN providers in reducing energy consumption by intelligently routing content and optimizing video distribution among viewers. QUANTEEC minimizes unnecessary data transfers and requires zero server deployment, reducing the overall energy consumption of any eCDN infrastructure (by more than 70%).

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